Don’t Wear The Wrong Day Thong!

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This is a shout out to all my WOMEN who need to keep it sexy for their man – By Renee Rockingham

In a man’s world, every day would be a thong day.  Over 90,000 red blooded American men scour the internet for a butt floss glimpse of fantasy per month! This is some serious searching!

After finding out how vital this is to a man’s sexual survival instincts, it gave me sense of wanting to satisfy my man with this manly desire and I felt it was imperative to “up my game”.

My husband is super sexy and I want to keep him satisfied and keep our marriage exciting. The last thing I want to become is an old ninny. After I faced reality and took a look at my own underwear drawer I realized I had unknowingly let my sex appeal go.

There were about 5 pair of gray cotton thongs and about ten pair of beige cotton thongs, nothing lace, nothing satin and definitely nothing crotchless. I was pretty unsexy!

My day thongs were probably a resemblance of my performance as a wife in bed… BEIGE!

So what does a competitive sexy wifey like me do? START SHOPPING!

I bought ten new day thongs for my handsome husband. I started with lace tanga thongs, satin thongs and the new open back panty that I had never tried before.  It wasn’t until my second purchase that I braved a crotchless thong.

This is the online lingerie store I bought my thongs from that came from a Southern Bride Magazine article I had read – Amazing Lace Outlet.  I received free shipping on EVERYTHING and my purchase came super fast, I have already placed two orders! They have both regular and plus size lingerie.  Lingerie Store Thong Panties

GOOD LUCK ALL MY HOTTIE WIFEY FRIENDS – Go buy some sexy day thongs! I hope I could inspire you to be a little bit sexier for your man!

Thong Facts

1. The thong has a song, “Thong Song” recorder by Sisqo in 2000.

2. The newest type of thong is actually called a C-string.

3.  Modern day thongs first started appearing in sexy Brazil in the 1980’s as a swimsuit style.

4. Only 19% of women prefer to wear a thong every day.

5. G-string is a form of a thong.

6. Yes – even a thong can be crotchless.

7. Thongs can be lace, satin or cotton.

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